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luni, 29 februarie 2016


Iraq: Deadly wave of violence continues
Al Jazeera
Dozens of people have been killed for a second day in a row in Iraq as government forces continue to battle fighters in the western province of Anbar. A suicide bomber with an explosives-packed vest blew himself up on Monday in Muqdadiyah, a town northeast of Baghdad, killing at least 13 people and injuring 41 others, according to security and medical sources. The attack happened just hours after 16 Iraqi army soldiers and tribal fighters were killed in a village south of Fallujah, in Anbar, after a shelling on their barracks. Monday's violence follows one of Iraq's bloodiest days in recent weeks, with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group claiming responsibility for attacks in different places. Read More

Si mai ziceti ca luptatorii sunt urati....

News Front

#новости De #новости #новороссия Teroriști LIH pregătește o ofensivă în provincia nordică Raqqa
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Экстремисты «Исламского государства»* перебрасывают свои группировки в северном направлении провинции Ракка, чтобы перейти в


Australia a legalizat marijuana medicinală, ce poate fi folosită cu succes împotriva cancerului! Bravo guvernului australian, care e de partea cetăţenilor şi nu de cea a marilor corporaţii farmaceutice!

duminică, 28 februarie 2016

Dentistii ar da faliment(cred ca sunt de la morti)


Militants launch largest attacks in months on Baghdad outskirts
By Kareem Raheem BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Islamic State militants attacked Iraqi security forces on the western outskirts of Baghdad on Sunday in their largest assault near the capital for months, while two suicide blasts in a mainly Shi'ite district killed 31 people. Suicide bombers and gunmen in vehicles and on foot launched the attack on Abu Ghraib at dawn, seizing positions in a grain silo and a cemetery, and killing at least 17 members of the security forces, officials said. Fighting was still raging at the silo site on Sunday evening, security officials said. Read More

Acord incalcat

Russia reports Syria ceasefire breaches by Turkey, rebels
Russia said on Sunday that a fragile ceasefire in Syria had been breached nine times over the past 24 hours including by Turkey but that the deal was mostly holding. The defence ministry said violations were committed by moderate rebels as well as "terrorist organisations". "Over the past 24 hours, nine instances of violations of cessation of hostilities have been uncovered," the ministry said, citing its coordination centre at the Hmeimim airbase in Syria. Read More


The Jerusalem Post

Arab-Israeli Conflict
02/28/2016 07:47
Report: At least five Hamas men trapped in Gaza tunnel collapse
WATCH: New video reveals Gaza tunnels built by jihadi group
Hamas says it found sensors, cameras in Gaza terror tunnels
The ‘Al Quds’ newspaper reported that Hamas authorities in Gaza are searching for the people trapped in the tunnel collapse.
A Palestinian worker is lowered on a rope into a smuggling tunnel that was flooded by Egypt
A Palestinian worker is lowered on a rope into a smuggling tunnel that was flooded by Egyptian security forces. (photo credit:REUTERS)
A Palestinian newspaper is reporting on Sunday that at least five members of Hamas’ military wing were injured when a tunnel they were in collapsed underneath the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio said.
The radio network cited a report on the website of Al Quds which said that a Hamas-built tunnel collapsed in the Zeitoun quarter of southeastern Gaza City. There has yet to be official confirmation of the report.
The newspaper reported that Hamas authorities in Gaza are searching for the people trapped in the tunnel collapse.
If the report is accurate, it would mark the fifth time in recent weeks that a tunnel built by Islamist forces in the Gaza Strip crumbled.
Earlier this month, a Hamas operative was killed in a tunnel collapse in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis region, according to Palestinian sources.
A Gaza health ministry spokesman confirmed the reports, saying Marwan Marouf, 27, a fighter in Hamas’ Izzadin al-Kassam Brigades, was killed in the tunnel collapse.
Days before, Hamas officials confirmed the death of at least two of its operatives in a tunnel collapse.
In the week prior to that incident, seven Hamas men were killed when a tunnel collapsed close to Gaza’s eastern border with Israel.
Last month, Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas deputy political bureau chief, vowed that his group will never stop digging tunnels and upgrading rockets in preparation for any possible confrontation with Israel.
Last week, Haniyeh said that the Islamist movement’s military wing discovered sensors, cameras, and other surveillance equipment in one of its tunnels underneath the Gaza Strip.
The Hamas leader said that the gadgets found by the Izzadin al-Kassam brigades were planted there in an effort to discover more tunnels.

Manchester United

Previzualizare: United v Arsenal 

Un mare joc astăzi la Old Trafford ca #mufc gazdă Arsenal la 14:05 GMT. Pregătiți - vă înainte de kick-off citind previzualizarea meciului:
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sâmbătă, 27 februarie 2016


Opri vânzarea de arme către Arabia Saudită 
Regimul saudit ucide femeile yemenite și copii cu arme americane și britanice 
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Tatal anarhismului modern

    Mihail Bakunin
    Mihail Alexandrovici Bakunin a fost un cunoscut revoluționar rus, considerat de mulți „tatăl anarhismului modern”. Wikipedia
    Născut: 30 mai 1814, Torzhok, Rusia
    Decedat: 1 iulie 1876, Berna, Elveția

Prima fotografie

Vă vine să credeţi? Persoana din această fotografie a apărut pe lume în 1745 şi este primul om fotografiat care s-a născut cel mai timpuriu! Şi mai era şi cizmar, ca Ceauşescu…